Platelet-Rich Therapy, commonly referred to as PRP Therapy, leverages components extracted from your own blood to stimulate the creation of new collagen and enhance growth factors. This innovative approach is making waves in the medical field due to its efficacy in addressing a multitude of issues. Notably, it has become a favoured method for combating hair loss, contributing to the development of fuller, more robust hair.

Additionally, it’s employed to boost collagen production within the skin, aiding in the reduction of fine lines and enhancing overall skin texture. The procedure, involving strategic injections of PRP into the facial area, has earned the nickname “Vampire Facelift,” and stands as a sought-after service we provide.

Furthermore, PRP Therapy has demonstrated significant effectiveness in alleviating discomfort associated with arthritis and injuries, particularly in the shoulder and knee, by promoting natural healing processes.

Our experts

At our clinic, our knee injection treatments using PRP are exclusively performed by our highly skilled Doctors. They frequently employ this method for a variety of purposes, spanning both aesthetic enhancements and medical treatments. When addressing joint issues, particularly in the knees, we often combine PRP with Hyaluronic Acid. This dual approach not only promotes the production of new collagen but also has a soothing, lubricating effect on sore joints. Our cutting-edge technology is utilized to precisely separate vital growth factors from the blood components. The process entails extracting these natural growth factors and then strategically reapplying them to stimulate the regeneration of cells within the joints, aiding in collagen synthesis and joint lubrication. We harness the power of your own body’s growth factors, concentrating them to enhance their efficacy before reintroducing them to areas in need of healing and rejuvenation.

What to expect

Upon your visit, one of our Doctors will conduct a thorough examination to determine the most effective sites for injection to achieve optimal outcomes. If necessary, a topical numbing cream will be applied to ensure your comfort. A small quantity of blood will be drawn from your arm and processed through our state-of-the-art system, which isolates the essential growth factors, readying them for injection into the affected knee. The entire procedure is swift and efficient, typically concluding within 30 minutes, depending on the specific area being treated.


Following your procedure, it’s important to keep the treated area untouched by any products for 24 hours to maintain cleanliness and minimise the risk of infection. For those receiving joint injections, we recommend a 24-hour rest period for the treated joint to ensure the best possible recovery.



Are there any side affects?

As the substance injected is derived directly from your own blood, without the addition of any medications, side effects are highly unusual. However, like with any injection, there might be a slight bruising where the needle was inserted.

Is this treatment permanent?

PRP can produce long term results but most clients benefit from having PRP done more than once.

How quickly does it work?

PRP works gradually over a few weeks. Most people notice an improvement to their skin, hair or joints within the first 3-4 weeks.


I cannot recommend NU-U highly enough. I have had my “Vampire Facelift” done by both Dr Rai and Dr Punater and each time it has had an amazing effect on my skin. I’m so glad I have found these doctors. They are welcoming and know exactly how to make your skin so much more radiant.

— Geri

Excellent. I went to NU-U just before my wedding due to some frown lines. My treatment was amazing start to finish. Everything I was worried about was carefully looked at and precisely corrected.

— Michelle

PRP here is the best I’ve ever had! I have to get PRP done on my hair following a hair transplant. Lots of my friends have had very painful experiences with scalp PRP. Dr Rai does my treatment with a fast machine and it is so much better than the places I visited in London.

— Paul

Excellent service. I’ve had several different treatments from Dr Punater at NU-U. Each one has given great results and I’ve been amazed at how easy he makes everything look. This is definitely the best place I have been to for cosmetic treatments.

— Maria Lopez

From the moment I was greeted by Dr Rai I felt I was in safe hands. This is an amazing clinic where they really aim to look after you and I wouldn’t trust anyone other than Dr Rai now. The injections I had were far less painful and gave a much better result than anywhere I’ve been before. Would highly recommend NU-U to everyone.

— Mina

Great Professional Service! I felt at ease with these guys. Very caring, professional and explained everything to me. Gave me my options and guided me through what would be best for my skin. I’ve not been to other clinics and having chosen this one I don’t think I’d ever go anywhere else.

— Mr Casey

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