Crepey skin is thin skin that has the appearance of finely wrinkled crepe paper. This is often related to prior UV skin damage from exposure to sunlight but can be a general sign of ageing or be due to excessive weight loss or previous illnesses. Crepey skin can become more prominent over time due to the natural loss of collagen and elastin in skin and it can make people look much older than they are. At NU-U we can use a variety of treatments to reduce the appearance of crepey skin and help it to return to looking smoother and more youthful. Treatments that can be used for this condition include Rejuvenating threads, Botox, Dermal Fillers, and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). All work in different ways to smooth out skin. Treatments are often combined in order to eradicate more lines on the skin.


I cannot recommend NU-U highly enough. I have had my “Vampire Facelift” done by both Dr Rai and Dr Punater and each time it has had an amazing effect on my skin. I’m so glad I have found these doctors. They are welcoming and know exactly how to make your skin so much more radiant.

— Geri

Excellent. I went to NU-U just before my wedding due to some frown lines. My treatment was amazing start to finish. Everything I was worried about was carefully looked at and precisely corrected.

— Michelle

PRP here is the best I’ve ever had! I have to get PRP done on my hair following a hair transplant. Lots of my friends have had very painful experiences with scalp PRP. Dr Rai does my treatment with a fast machine and it is so much better than the places I visited in London.

— Paul

Excellent service. I’ve had several different treatments from Dr Punater at NU-U. Each one has given great results and I’ve been amazed at how easy he makes everything look. This is definitely the best place I have been to for cosmetic treatments.

— Maria Lopez

From the moment I was greeted by Dr Rai I felt I was in safe hands. This is an amazing clinic where they really aim to look after you and I wouldn’t trust anyone other than Dr Rai now. The injections I had were far less painful and gave a much better result than anywhere I’ve been before. Would highly recommend NU-U to everyone.

— Mina

Great Professional Service! I felt at ease with these guys. Very caring, professional and explained everything to me. Gave me my options and guided me through what would be best for my skin. I’ve not been to other clinics and having chosen this one I don’t think I’d ever go anywhere else.

— Mr Casey

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