Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, also similar to the vampire facial uses your own blood to encourage the production of new collagen and to promote growth factors. PRP therapy takes a small sample of your blood and spins it in a centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma form the rest of your blood cells. However, this treatment is capable of so much more than just skin rejuvenation. Here at NU-U Clinics, we explore the possibilities of PRP when it comes to hair.

The medical uses of PRP

PRP has been known to accelerate healing in bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. Top athletes have been known to use PRP injections in their joints to accelerate their healing process and their return to regular activities and training. It’s also been known to relive pain in diseases such as tendonitis, ligaments sprains, ligament tears and arthritis.


How PRP therapy works

Your blood contains platelet rich plasma, and it’s these platelets that hold ample growth factors and healing capabilities. These platelets signal to the surrounding cells that an injury has occurred, so the cells react and begin to heal that area. However, there doesn’t actually need to be a wound in order to begin this cell regeneration you can simply have this treatment to stimulate thicker hair growth and refresh tired skin, because the cells work from the inside out to better the condition.


Treatment expectations

You will be examined by our doctors to establish where to administer treatment for the best results and a topical anaesthetic cream is applied if needed. A small amount of blood will be drawn from your arm and inserted into our state-of-the-art concentration system to separate the human growth factors and plasma from your blood. The concentrated boosting factors will then be injected back into the site requiring treatment.


PRP therapy for hair loss

PRP therapy for hair loss is a very popular treatment for those seeking to confront and do something about their thinning hair. The growth factors inside the injected plasma work beneath the skin to reinvigorate your hair, thickening and strengthening the current strands while also stimulating the growth of new hair too. This treatment is popular with both men and women, and your results could be seen within a dew week of your completed treatment course. It’s recommended you receive 3-6 treatments for the best results and allow for a week to pass for recovery and results.


If you’re looking to begin your PRP journey then please do not hesitate to contact the team here at NU-U Clinic in Maidenhead today to begin your PRP journey.

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