Once you’ve received your desired look with the use of dermal fillers at our skin clinic in Maidenhead, you may experience some side-effects. This it totally normal with the kind of treatment and can usually be managed easily and effectively with some simple self-care. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve had a top-up, it’s important to know what to do if experiencing any of these symptoms in your newly treated area(s).

Swelling, irritation and bruising relief


Once the dermal filler has had a little while to sit beneath the skin, you may notice some slight swelling on and around the treated area(s). Don’t panic, this is normal, as the area is just getting used to the new hyaluronic acid solution that’s been placed under the skin. To soothe the swelling, Apply a cool compress to the area for around 10 minutes. A cool compress applied regularly for the first 24 hours after injections may help to reduce the amount of swelling and potential bruising. Do not apply ice directly to the treated area, as this can aggravate and irritate the skin even more.

Things to avoid:


• Exposure to intense heat (e.g. solarium or sauna), for up to 2 weeks.
• Pressure on the treated area(s), for the first few nights (i.e. sleeping on it).
• Strenuous exercise, for 24 hours.
• Alcohol, for 24 hours.
• Make-up, for at least 24 hours.
• Spicy/hot food, for at least 24 hours.


Relive tenderness and dryness


To save yourself from dry and flaky skin, make sure you carefully wash the area and then regularly moisturise with a gentle moisturiser (or Vaseline). This allows the area to heal properly while ensuring it stays looking soft and plump. It’s also important to keep yourself hydrated too, so drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you notice some tenderness, avoid touching the area, as this could cause more redness and irritation and you’re allowing the treated area to be exposed to the bacteria on your hands. We also advise that you don’t rub the area to ensure the product isn’t ‘spread’ or goes lumpy. The tenderness should subside after a few days.

Speak to our team


If you’re experiencing some of these symptoms and would like to receive more advice from our aesthetic clinic in maidenhead, please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly team at NU-U Clinic – they will be more than happy to give you the tips and tricks you need.

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