At NU-U Clinics, we believe in enhancing and celebrating your appearance. Whether it’s refining the shape of your features, improving tone and pigmentation, or targeting skin texture and signs of ageing, we recognise that Asian skin is uniquely different, and call on our blend of knowledge and expertise to create a bespoke solution especially for you.


Asian skin can be more prone to certain problems than others. For example, it’s thought that the dermis (skin) is ‘thicker’ than is seen in other types, but that the uppermost layers are actually thinner. Research also suggests that Asian skin has a greater number of sebaceous (oil) glands. It’s worth knowing how to care for your unique skin, as well as being aware of common problems that we can help you counteract.


  • Hyperpigmentation – Asian skin benefits from boosted melanin, which can go hand-in-hand with pigmentation problems. In fact, Asian skin is more susceptible to this skin concern than certain others.


  • Acne & scarringwith a potential increase in oil glands and a climate that’s hot and humid, oil production can be a problem for Asian skin. In addition, frequent bouts of acne can lead to scarring, and the ‘thinner’ upper layers of skin can make this more common.


  • Ageingwhile it’s said that ‘thicker’ Asian skin can offset ageing thanks to an increase in skin-toning collagen, it doesn’t prevent it, and youth-enhancing treatments are still popular.



Which treatment is recommended for me?

Any recommendations we make are subject to a consultation. We insist on carrying out a full skin assessment ahead of treatment to ensure we’re guiding you on the right choice and to give you results you’ll love. However, we do have some suggestions that could help.

How do I know if I have hyperpigmentation?

There are lots of types of hyperpigmentation, but research suggests that pigmentation around the mouth, dark eye circles and dark-coloured blotches or patches (melasma) are particularly prevalent in Asian skin. With an assessment, we can help identify which type of hyperpigmentation you have, if any.

Can my lifestyle affect my skin?

Absolutely, which is one of the reasons we recommend having a proper skincare routine in place. This can help protect your skin against problems such as UV rays (sunlight), air pollution and even humidity. We offer two everyday skincare ranges that make for a fantastic starting point.


Whether you’re aware of any skin concerns or not, there are some common recommendations we make for our Asian clients (subject to a consultation). These include:


  • ZO® Skin Health chemical peels – there are multiple ways these can help your skin, from brightening and boosting radiance, to balancing uneven pigmentation (or ‘patches’), to targeting and refining the appearance of acne scarring.


  • ZO® and Dr BK Skin skincare – our experience proves that it pays to trust in the science, and these clinically developed ranges blend innovative ingredients and therapies for everyday skincare that really does care.


  • Injectablesour Botox® and dermal filler treatments can help relax your appearance and soften the look of lines and wrinkles. With dermal filler, we can also help sculpt your features and plump skin where there’s a loss of volume.


  • PRPthis clever technique involves taking a blood sample, separating out the protein-rich plasma, and injecting it where needed. Although it’s primarily an anti-ageing treatment that boosts collagen production, it can also tackle hair loss and minor joint pain.


  • Threadlifts – our PDO threadlift uses under-skin, dissolvable sutures to firm skin tissues and reduce lines, giving you a ‘lifted’ appearance without the need for plastic surgery.   



How does a skin peel work?

The treatment works by gently exfoliating and peeling away the outermost layers of skin, though deeper, one-off peels are also available. This in turn reveals the younger, brighter tissue below. We offer ZO® Skin Health chemical peels, which are created by renowned Dermatologist, Dr Zein Obagi. The treatment is ideal for hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Should I use high street skincare?

As a Doctor-led aesthetics clinic, we know that health is the most important aspect of your skin, and that’s why we offer ranges that have been developed with this in mind. Buying skincare products off the high street doesn’t compare to talking to medical professionals in this sector, who can fully assess your skin and offer tailored recommendations accordingly.

As with our range of peels, our ZO® Skin Health skincare is Dermatologist-created, while we also offer Dr BK Skin, developed by Dr Bob Khanna, founder of the Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute and an expert in non-surgical rejuvenation.

What are the advantages of each anti-ageing treatment?

Botox® and dermal fillers are our quick and easy options and are one our fastest treatments, too. PRP is a relatively ‘new’ treatment but can be used for a variety of concerns. Finally, our threadlifts are a more intensive way to combat ageing, while still offering little in the way of recovery time or side-effects.


Many of our clients come to us wanting brighter, more radiant and more luminous skin, especially as these are considered to be the hallmarks of youth. We use Pluryal Mesoline Shine injections to treat skin. There are lots of advantages to the procedure, including:


  • A reduction in hyperpigmentation (including melasma) and age spots for a more even skin tone
  • A softening of blemishes, creating the illusion of smoother skin
  • A brightening effect for the complexion, adding a youthful glow
  • Treatment for sun-damaged skin, for instance freckles



How does the treatment work?

Pluryal Mesoline Shine is carefully injected into targeted areas of the face to melt away uneven pigment and even out skin tone. This results in a beautifully radiant complexion. Most of our clients have around 3-5 treatments, which each take around 30 minutes. There’s no downtime involved and you may notice immediate results, which then improve over time and with further treatment.

Am I suitable for treatment?

As with any facial aesthetics rejuvenation, the journey starts with a skin consultation, so we can better understand your needs and goals. However, most skin types will be suitable for our brightening treatment and see a real benefit.

Can I have other treatments at the same time?

As we specialise in Asian skin, we can offer a tailored treatment plan that can target multiple concerns. We can advise you as to when certain procedures will need to be carried out during your plan, ensuring you get optimum results.


Every bride wants to look her best – not to mention her wedding party! We know Asian weddings are grand affairs, with extravagant celebrations lasting several days, and important rituals to follow. So, our bespoke wedding packages can cater for your unique requirements to help ensure the bride and groom, the bridal party and those important guests look and feel fantastic on the big day and beyond.



What treatments can you offer?

We can carry out everything from skin brightening to anti-ageing injectables and skin peels.

Can you offer a group consultation?

This may be possible, depending on the number of guests looking for treatment.

When should I book in for my treatments?

We advise you to book as soon as you have set your wedding date, however we’ll need to take your individual treatments into account to ensure you have fantastic results in time, but no side-effects (such as redness or tenderness) on the big day.

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What happens during my consultation?

We’ll assess your skin, make recommendations for skincare and treatments, and book a date for any procedure(s) required. It’s also a chance for you to familiarise yourself with our clinic, so you feel comfortable on the day of treatment, and can give you the opportunity to ask questions or share any concerns you may have.

Why should I use NU-U Clinics?

With 30 years combined experience, award-winning work and a diverse range of treatments that are safe, effective and long-lasting, there’s no need to look elsewhere for your facial aesthetics care.

How do I book an appointment?

The best way is through our contact page, where you can phone us or get in touch over our social media accounts. We also have an out-of-hours number where you can reach us, too.


Whatever your skin type, tone or texture, having a skincare regime is important, as not only can it be preventative and help stave off signs of ageing, but it can be curative, too – treating specific skin concerns over time. We use DR BK Skin and ZO® Skin Health, medical grade ranges, to restore, enhance and maintain your skin, from its health to its appearance – ensuring you look and feel your best.




This daily skincare range was developed by Dr Bob Khanna, an expert in non-surgical rejuvenation. Dr Khanna also founded the Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, where our experts also trained. The range is designed to combat common skin problems such as sun damage, hyperpigmentation and acne, with clinically-proven products that really work.


Created by Dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi, this range brightens, balances and boosts your skin and can target acne and pigmentation problems. It aims to ‘restore skin to a healthy state’ through powerful complexes and exclusive formulations that push the boundaries of science.


The best way to find out what will work and give you real, lasting results is through a consultation. We can assess your skin, make tailored recommendations and devise a regime that will get the most out of our skin while boosting skin health.


Five stars
“I had a fantastic experience at NU-U Clinics from start to finish. Dr Rai put me at ease straight away and really took the time to talk me through all aspects of my treatment. He even covered the aftercare! Then the process itself was really simple and I didn’t really have any side-effects (apart from a bit of redness on the day). Highly recommend this clinic.”
– S. Chowdhury

Love my results
“I booked in to treat some deep wrinkles I have around my mouth. Dr Rai suggested dermal fillers, and I can’t believe the results – my skin looks so smooth and I look really refreshed. Thank you, Dr Rai!”
– B. Hassan

Gorgeous bright skin
“This clinic was recommended to me for skin brightening. I suffer from melasma on my forehead and it seemed to be getting worse. NU-U helped give me brighter skin that’s less pigmented. I’m so pleased with the results and will be booking again to maintain them!”
– M Patel



Which platforms do you use for reviews?

We use Google and Facebook for reviews, so if you’ve had an experience you want to share, please don’t hesitate to post.

How can I leave a review?

You can visit our business page on Facebook and post a review there, as well as leave a star rating. You can also share your comments across our other social media accounts, such as Instagram and Twitter. To post a Google review, you’ll need to search for our website first. We’re also happy to accept reviews over email or in writing, for those who don’t have online accounts.

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