Whether you’re new to dermal fillers or you’re topping up a previous treatment, it’s important to feel informed about the process. In this post, we’ll explain a bit about the treatment, the results and some benefits of booking with us here at NU-U Clinics, a skin clinic in Maidenhead.


Considered treatment


One of the top concerns of our clients is to feel relaxed and at ease throughout the process. Our dermal fillers contain a local anaesthetic to help minimise discomfort, and we can also use a numbing cream to ease soreness following treatment. On top of this, we only use fine needles to administer the fillers.


High-quality ingredients


We use Restylane® for our dermal fillers, considered by many to be the top brand. The key ingredient used is hyaluronic acid, which helps kickstart collagen and elastic production in your skin, which in turn can help give your skin a brighter, younger appearance.


Lasting results


Dermal fillers which use hyaluronic acid, like ours, are a non-permanent aesthetics treatment. This means you can make changes to your approach in the future, and can even dissolve the filler if you’re not fully satisfied with the results. Incredibly for a temporary treatment, Restylane® fillers typically last 6-9 months, but it does depend on the individual and treatment area.


Competitive pricing


While we don’t believe in putting a price on looking and feeling fantastic, we understand that our clients may want to budget for multiple treatments – and whatever you’re looking to have done, you want to ensure good value for money. Visit our dermal fillers page to find out more about our pricing.


An award-winning team


In November 2019, we were delighted to win an award at the prestigious IAAFA Charity Ball & Aesthetics Awards (IAAFA is the International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics). Our medical director, Dr. Ranjeet Rai, won the Best Newcomer Award and was highly commended for his Best Mid-Face Rejuvenation Award entry.

Beyond our award, we’re known in the industry for our standard of care, which involves a follow-up for all procedures, and treatments only undertaken by doctors trained in aesthetic medicine. We also place an emphasis on consultation, ensuring we understand your vision and delivering results we’re sure you’ll love.


Book your dermal fillers today



Call today to book your treatment at NU-U Clinics, skin clinics in Maidenhead, or get in touch with us over social media – you can find all the details on our contact page.

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